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learn to use WELLNESS AS a strategy to win at work

Over 60% of mental and physical health issues are created by work-life imbalance which impacts your productivity at work


The Modern Health is the best platform to start your personalised wellness journey. Each day I learned so much from the program that helped me make build lifelong habits. The experts are committed to helping you find your best health at all times. The micro changes are simple and yet very powerful in their ability to drive change. The mindfulness challenges and specially all the sessions on breathing have helped me navigate stressful times.

Shikha Sharma

Account Executive , Applitools

I am loving your program All the tips are great for beginners. Thank you for putting in efforts for well-being. I am a huge fan of people taking time out for self-care. Women put self-care as the least priority I was wondering if there can be some knowledge about ‘why’ people need to invest time in self-care and how they can fill the gap between intention and action. I like how your platform provides microchanges that help us take care of our health.

Praniti Tiwari

Quality Engineering Leader, Large Company

Learn to beat stress

Stress at work is inevitable. We personalise your program each day to ensure you are using health as a strategy to beat stress. 

Learn to harness energy

All days will not be the same. We personalise your program each day to ensure you can use health as a strategy to stay more active on a busy day. 

Learn to be more productive

High workload can be very challenging and you need to use health as a strategy. We personalise your program to keep you going with more energy.

Personalised Holistic Wellness with Micro Changes 

Personalised micro changes

Your portal will show micro changes that are personalised for your health journey. The more we know about you, the better our recommendations become. For only $19/month, you can sign up now!

1:1 Sessions with experts

Accelerate your micro changes journey by booking a session with our resident experts. The sessions are short (30 min) but effective to fit in with your busy schedule. For only $50 per session, you can start now!

Corporate Integrations

Use our Google Calendar and Slack (upcoming) integration to stay connected on your health goals while at work. Your micro-changes will be with you at all stages along with the support of your TMH experts!

Health Coaches behind TMH Method

Lara Adler

Lara Adler

Yoga & Meditation

Shane Zunckel

Shane Zunckel

Strength & Conditioning

Dr Sanchita

Dr. Sanchita

Holistic Wellness & Nutrition


Wendy Eardley

Positive Mindset

Cera Lai

Cera Lai

Physiotherapy & Movement

Matt Young

Matthew Young



Josh Balia

Strength & Conditioning (Training Day)

Cera Lai

Tracey Eppel


Agnes Gonfaus

Agnes Gonfaus Izquierdo

Yoga & Meditation